Kudos Nannies

Kudos nannies are trained graduates who love supporting children’s development through games, arts & crafts, book reading, playground play, park and museum visits. Here we introduce three of our Kudos nannies. Sign up for free to find out more or to arrange an interview.


A wonderful Kudos nanny, warm and engaging, she naturally builds rapport with the children and makes them feel happy and comfortable in her company.

Celeste is currently studying for an MSc in Developmental Psychology. She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Counselling with children and adolescents.

Celeste has genuine passion for assisting children in their development. Her next step is to pursue research in this field. She also has practical nannying experience with children aged 1-8 years old as well as being a great auntie to her nephew whom she adores!

Celeste’s creativity, communication skills and calm polite manner will be of value to any family and set a great role model for the children.

Celeste is bilingual in English and Italian, and is currently available for a placement.



Viktoriya is a lovely smart Kudos After School and Holiday Nanny. She is currently in the second year of her studies pursuing BA Politics and International Relations at a central London university.

What impressed us personally about Viktoriya is her pro-activeness and love of learning. She completed her first stage of Kudos training of her own initiative and in a very short time. During the interview, she came across as an enthusiastic, responsive, intelligent person with great communication skills. I believe Viktoriya has great potential to support a busy London family and to build a rapport with the children under her supervision. Her playful but structured approach and goal oriented attitude may be of help with establishing routines, assisting with homework and tutoring.

Viktoriya’s love for math and critical thinking combined with her creativity may be just the right combination to support children in their math progress. Viktoriya’s love of learning, also exemplified by recently receiving a Student Excellence Award, combined with her charitable experience, is bound to be a great inspiring example for the children who will be lucky to get to know Viktoriya.


Lucia is an experienced nanny and early years practitioner who recently completed her BSc in Childhood and Child Psychology. She has 4 years’ experience working as a nanny with the same family in Clapham. Lucia has a genuine interest in the children’s development and likes to invest her time in interacting with the children and taking the children to playdates and activities. She is an experienced early years practitioner capable of planning a wide range of developmental activities for different age groups tailored towards the child’s individual needs. She is currently supervising one member of staff in her role as a nursery room leader. Lucia has experience working as a nanny with children from the age of 3 months to 5 years old.

In her interview, Lucia came across as a warm, friendly and playful person. She is also a curious individual which is demonstrated by her continuous learning: she completed BSc at the Open University and next did a diploma in Counselling Children and Young People. Lucia’s previous family emphasised that Lucia is very reliable, which is such an important consideration for busy professional families.

Lucia is fluent in Spanish and English and can support children’s language development in either or both of the languages. Lucia has First Aid and Enhanced DBS. Lucia is currently looking for a placement with a friendly professional family for 3-5 days a week. Lucia is based close to Clapham, Battersea, Balham and Wimbledon.